Heal – emotionally,
physically, mentally.


The masterplans of AIIMS (Perkins and Eastman + Edifice consultants) comprise residential, healthcare, and academic blocks. Design actualization is carried out by Newarch landscapes. Designing an effective road section for universal accessibility, green space allocation as per Indian climatic conditions and psyche, and providing for ample shade, pause point is our focus while developing site infra.

AIIMS Nagpur – Orange orchard

Year: 2017

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra

A design towards healing landscapes, AIIMS Nagpur proves to be a campus suitable for healthy living. The landscape design of this hospital is firmly based on the concept and principles of therapeutic landscape design. A landscape with therapeutic value is purposely designed in a way that encourages patients and their visitors to interact with nature, to aid the process of healing. World-famous for oranges, an orange orchard forms the highlight of the design. This choice to interact with nature, as well as making decisions while experiencing the garden, provides the users with a sense of control at a time when their health and wellbeing are in the control of others.

The design development of the same provides a well-connected pedestrian loop, ample seasonal softscape with varied colors, textures, etc., and water harvesting techniques. In defined zones of the academic quad, healthcare, and residential area, the landscape scope is diversified to accommodate topographic interest, woodland, nature trail, jogging track, gathering spaces, and courtyards.

AIIMS Guntur – Amidst a forest

Year: 2017

Location: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Flanked by reserved forest on either side, AIIMS Guntur, Andhra Pradesh forms a perfect setting for healing landscapes. A hierarchy of spaces marked by plantation themes, retention pond leading to rainwater harvesting, and curated road sections to accommodate comfortable pedestrian movement and a bio-swale are key markers of the landscape design.

AIIMS Kalyani – aligned with a canal

Year: 2017

Location: Kalyani, West Bengal

Located in Kalyani, West Bengal, the AIIMS Hospital talks of green infrastructure strategies, distributed vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle circulation, and large themed pocket gardens. Selection of native planting palette and utilizing cultural markers of West Bengal the landscape is developed along the natural water stream. Bio-swales capture the stormwater run-off. River agricultural zones and waterfront landscapes, create a human-nature interaction and foster faster healing.