The expression.

A moment was captured.

Words flowed down the nib of the pen, the shutter clicked a thousand pictures before that perfect one and a play of illustrations brought about an ensemble… It was an archive of the frozen moment that passed.

It is documentation, an expression, and a publication, which would now be the sole witness of probably the most insignificant or the most celebrated event in landscapes. It is nostalgia, helping us fall back in love with snapshots that motivate us to capture more every day.

INK is a voice that resonates, an echo that persists, and an expression that reflects

The academia

“Trapped who? Me or you?” chuckled the caged parrot.

The online apps with a customized numerologist, palm readers, and spiritual gurus, had put fortuneteller’s fate to test. He had lost belief in acquired knowledge; it was no longer put to practice.

Sometimes, things exist because we believe in them; and what builds this belief? – education, culture, and practices. Newarch EDU believes in cultivating a culture with a prompt application, resilient attitude, and sustainable practice. EDU believes in liberating the community with education and creating awareness about the role of landscape architecture.

The interactions

Frustrated, she left the desk and walked towards the park. She crossed a flutist, playing a popular Bollywood tune, she crossed a teenager painting the Warli art of the crossroads wall, she spotted a nursery where plants were flowering profusely and the homeless who were making cane baskets on the footpath. She was taken aback, by the non-conventional skills they had.

A gap exists where formal education is considered valuable than informal; skills are born in books, not by practice, and culture is taught, not nurtured. Unlearn is a platform for collaboration, culture cultivation, and design development through innovative methods. The design has become a commodity, anyone can mine it, many refine it, but we understand designs differently. Ideas are expressed and are brought into action. The purpose has always been to empower the team, make leaders and create memories. A foundation for Unlearn is laid here.