Hi, my name is Hrishikesh Phadke.

Landscape design is my life however software design is my love. In the field, new ideas are born. Some fade after a bang of success and some with the tiptoes of learnings.

I am Yogini Phadke,

Partner at Newarch LLP. The landscape I visualize to be spaces of Midori. As far as one’s sight can see, to experience a feeling of gaiety.

Hi, I am Shalaka.

Landscape architect and partner at Newarch. I believe landscape design is a timeless, eternal process. We cannot start or end, what we can do is alter it and facilitate it for man’s better living.

Hi, I am Vaibhavi

and I am a partner at Newarch. For me, the landscape is a combination of a multitude of elements – in gardens, roads, open spaces, bridges, land, landforms; integrated with natural and man-made features.

Hello, I am Vikas Ligam,

and I have been with Newarch LLP for the past 15 years. Landscape for me is to create living spaces, design correct elements. Then the space, I believe, will start resonating the way you want it.

Hi, I am Bipin More,

I am a visualizer at Newarch. The landscape for me is a large space where I go out and enjoy the environment.

Hi, I am Prashant Utekar.

and I am a draftsman at Newarch LLP. For me landscape is an art, and I am an artist!

Hi everyone, I am Saylee.

I am a landscape architect and content creator at Newarch. For me, everything the light touches is landscape.

Hi, I am Sakhi Ashar

working in Newarch for the past four years. The landscape for me his experience of nature and an aesthetic impression of the human mind. I believe it evokes an emotional response as well as stimulates the senses.

I am Siddhesh,

working as an office support staff for the past 10 years. I learned landscaping is a good blend of water bodies, trees, structures, hardscape and so much more…

Hi, I am Harita.

For me, when you step out from your home everything you see is landscape.

Hi, I am Vaibhavi Joglekar,

working as an admin executive at Newarch. For me, the landscape is an activity of modifying open spaces to enhance them.

Hi, I am Sunil Devarde,

working as a visualizer at Newarch for the past 10 years. I believe the landscape is all about concept, design, and converting that into details.

Hi, I am Viraja,

working in Newarch as an Operations Manager. The landscape is about creating joyful environments and natural spaces with built forms. It includes planning spaces.

Hi, I am Surabhi,

and I am a landscape architect at Newarch. The landscape is not always about vegetation and trees. It is about open spaces that can nourish humans to be cohesive with nature.

Hi, I am Makrand Pawar.

The landscape for me is something that bridges the disconnect between people and nature.

I am Shubhangi Sawarkar

working as an admin executive. Before I joined this office, I knew nothing about landscapes. But today when someone asks, I can proudly explain what work a landscape architect does - We design open spaces.

Hi, I am Ashni.

I am a design lead at Newarch. For me, landscape is not a place, it is a feeling.

Hi, I am Azim Ansari.

I am an architect. For me whenever I think of landscape it gives me immense pleasure as creates a beautiful environment around us.

I am Nitin Pawar,

and I feed Newarch. I love sketching. I am happy that after I prepare coffee, chai, and Maggi, I get to pursue my passion as well.

Hello, I am Priyanka Wani,

working in Newarch as a visualizer. For me, the landscape is an interface between people and spaces.

Hi, I am Girish Barve.

I am a business development manager. I believe that landscape architecture is a profession that drives a noble cause of greening the planet; and let us face it … it fetches money!

Hi, I am Sachin Chavan.

I have been working in Newarch for the past 10 years. Landscape is about designing land. It rejuvenates the land, with vegetation and other elements.

Hi, I am Mayura.

I am a documentation head at Newarch. Working in the landscape field for the past 13 years I learned landscape is something the surrounds us, and its beauty is in the way we perceive it.

Hi, I am Mahesh Padekar,

working as a horticulturist since 2007. The landscape for me is a combination of living and non-living materials functioning together.

Hi, I am Amol Naik

and I am a design lead. To me, landscape architecture is something that bridges the gap between built form, open spaces and its users !

Hi, I am Anisha Kantak,

and I have been a visualizer for the past 10 years. For me, the landscape is about creating beautiful experiences.

I am Krishna,

and I work as a draftsman. I learned a lot in the past 14 years about drawing, detailing, and design in the field of landscape architecture.

Hi, I am Tanvi

working in Newarch as a senior design lead. For me, the landscape is a combination of man, animals, birds interacting in most natural forms.

Hi, I am Prashant Kirve.

The landscape for me is a way of living a natural and beautiful life.

I am an inspector.

I inspect every site under execution and ensure a quality product.

Hello, I am Kedar Padhye.

I believe Newarch and landscape are synonymous. Our profession like our practice is about relationships – between humans and nature and between humans themselves.

I am Deepak Hulsure.

I ensure a safe and comfortable drive for every Newarcher. Yes! I drive (for) Newarch!