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Pan Paryatan Indian Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai, India

Bird Park at Essel World is India’s first interactive bird park with over 400 exotic birds in a walk-in aviary. Following the principles of inclusive design, retaining existing flora, and allowing for a healthy human-nature relationship, the design of the park has been an evolutionary process ensuring a comfortable environment, adaptability, and development of a protective niche for the exotic birds.
The campus of the Essel World and the Water Kingdom has a new addition – the Bird Park. The 1.5-acre site was chosen for its natural contours and subtle ridges and valleys leading to a natural water catchment area.
Cottages with glass flooring hover over into the water along the raised bridge. Tucked in below this bridge is the natural catchment area. ‘Mocktail with Cockatiel’ in the cottages further leads the viewer to the woodpecker stadium.
Ample of existing tropical vegetation and good soil conditions were warm hosts to the exotic winged wonders and their habitats.
The catchment area is an aquatic habitat. Medicinal plants, fruit-bearing plants, and aquatic plants are selected for plantation around the pond area as a source of food. The large pond is home to Grey Crowned Crane, Mandarin Duck, Scarlet Ibis, and Black Swan to name a few.
The monumental and palatial characteristic of the amphitheater for the exotics and the woodpeckers is for the tricks and performances. The stadium can host 100 people. An ancient look and feel are achieved with features like rock-cast seats, zarokhas, chattris, arches, fortress walls, etc.
The cost and environment efficient materials selected are those that cannot be scrapped easily by birds. Most of the finishing materials are seamless for easy cleaning. The bird’s kitchen and filtration area are specially designed to satisfy their taste buds.