Public spaces
Mandapeshwar Civic Federation
Mumbai, India
The MCF Garden is a neighborhood park designed with principles of economic, social, and environmental sustainability. The evolution of its utility is a collaborative process that promotes ideals of urban design.
Previously a fallow land used as a dump yard and as an open defecation zone by the slum dwellers, the garden, now, is a host to morning walkers, senior citizens sports practices, reading corners, and leisure seating.
Space easy to enter and navigate, its expanse is visible from the road and the main access.
It aligns well with the social sustainability with 5000 resident footfalls in a week, across the section of income groups and age groups. Economically, it supports and encourages allied activities viz. health drink stall, vegetable vendors, play equipment shops, pay and park zone, coconut sellers to name a few.
Environmental sustainability is achieved by densely shading the hardscape area and hence reducing the heat island effect. Stormwater drains are duly designed to avoid flooding in the adjoining residential area.
The adjoining niches created owing to the shape of the park allow for a kids’ zone and seating spaces. The vachanalaya is a tree grove, thickly vegetated. It is minimally designed in terms of budget, furniture, and maintenance costs. The complete of the garden strengthens the connectivity between people and the places they share.