Avighna Group
Mumbai, India
‘Can design play an important role in the way we live? Can design add value and not just beauty?
Located in one of the most prime locations of Mumbai, One Avighna Park is a luxury residential building. The podiums on the 8th and 9th floor are home to a multi-leveled landscape with a lush tropical look.
Designed at 3 levels, the landscape seamlessly ‘flows’ through green groves, pool spaces, and structural elements. The design is a tropical oasis that creates a serene vibe at home while for others it is like living in a private paradise every day.
Space is defined by plants with large, vibrant leaves and bright blooms, palm trees, birds of paradise, and alocasias. The palette carries bright colors beyond the blooms to include teal and orange in the hardscape as well.
At One Avighna Park, there is a ‘play of pools’. Located on the 8th podium the pools provide an array of relaxation and lounging with stunning fountains, luxurious cabanas, and lush landscaping.
The outdoor living areas are lined with low-growing borders or ground covers that create space between seating areas and larger plants. Smaller tropical plants in containers, water bodies act as a border to define repose areas.