Tucked in the valleys, the land of Ngabiphu is laid on the gently sloping glade, 13 km away from the city of Thimphu, Bhutan. The Royal Thimphu college includes 35 acres of land with academic and boarding facilities. At an altitude of approximately 2000 m above sea level, the site is an ideal location for a home away from home.
The landscape of the first university in Bhutan possessed a challenge in terms of location on high altitude and low sun. As the architectural program and landscape were jointly planned, the land profile was retained. Road network, parking, access was designed for maximum sun exposure.
The use of natives in terms of materials and plantation was insisted. The terrain was leveled solely for a football court with other social activities tucked underneath.
With minimum harm to the existing land profile, natural water channels were retained, and ecology was respected. Although the identified property consists of approximately 60 acres of Kamshing in the upper reaches of the estate, it is proposed to initially develop 25 acres for this project.
The campus encourages walkability and carries the syntax of the hills in all its elements.