A Commercial Park
Ascandas Signbridge
Hyderabad, India

“Nature contains that spirit and power which we can witness but not weigh and inwardly conceive but not comprehend.” – T. E. Lawrence
1. MAKE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN PEOPLE - To Emphasis on community building rigors collaboration through design
2. BETWEEN PEOPLE AND NATURE - To use existing boulders as assets. To develop bonding between Mortal and Immortal, Built spaces and Open spaces
3. BETWEEN INDOOR AND OUTDOOR - To ensure smooth transitions between Built and Open spaces
Restructuring of V-Park - an IT Park at Hyderabad demands a powerful and purposeful intervention of the surrounding natural boulders into the landscape of the corporate space.
Transforming into an urban plaza by the evening, the corporate space is a lively mix of strollers, kids, performers, and musicians.
A gradual transition from the workplace to the outside, that studies and utilizes existing natural environment, user-movement patterns, and occupancy, promises thoughtful open spaces.
The landscape design promotes walkability and outdoor living through a multitude of amenities including an event plaza, reading niches, work-pods, restaurants, play courts, urban plaza, and high street.