Landscape Master Planning

It addresses landscape-led planning. By landscape master-planning, Newarch looks at people's behavior, circulation patterns, zoning, place-making, and then placing built forms for a healthy eco-system.

Feasibility Study

It is an iterative landscape engineering exercise. Respecting the existing landforms, hydrological patterns, geology, vegetation, and other forces of nature, we derive design tools to shape quality development.


Open Space Design

Newarch Landscapes looks at the art and practice of purposefully designing resilient, innovative, and visually pleasing outdoor spaces for the co-existence of man and nature.

Habitat Management

India is a biodiversity hotspot for numerous floral and faunal species. As landscape architects, we design spaces that care for and conserve the species with whom we share this planet.


We aim to make a global community through landscape architecture. We strive to collaborate and connect with architects, planners, horticulturist, vendors, academicians and allied fraternities to uphold the profession.

Green Approvals

We assist in generating a detailed report to understand the impacts of new development on the environment, helping the client make an informed decision with mutual benefits.