Newarch believes that there is no finish line, and the goal is to keep the game going as long as possible. With a vision to perform for 100 years, Newarchers share a vision of the evolution of skills, expertise, culture, and values beyond an individual’s lifespan.

Who are we?

The NEWARCH® team represents a broad spectrum of professionals and experts – landscape architects, architects, horticulturists, visualizers, and site inspectors. We believe people are the most valued resource. With a vision to expand the scope of landscape design and indulge in exploring it, we have established Newarch EDU, Newarch INK, and Newarch UNLEARN. Our diversity fuels our creative efforts, as we shape environmentally resilient, aesthetically appealing, and socially liberal open spaces to truly enrich the quality of life.

What do we do?

Established in 1999, with a vision to successfully function for 100 years, the organization is committed to translating the needs of the community and the environment into sustainable design solutions. NEWARCH® has delivered projects in India and abroad, owing to its closely associated professional network.

How do we do?

Newarch LLP believes in investing in projects, people, and processes. Newarch practices the principles of correction, consumptions, conservation, appreciation, utilization, innovation, and retention, and provides one-point sustainable design solutions to open spaces.


  • Mr. Hrishikesh Phadke

    Chief Cultural Officer,
    Designated Partner,
    Landscape Architect

  • Mrs. Yogini Phadke

    Designated Partner,

  • Ms. Shalaka Kelkar

    Landscape Architect

  • Mrs. Vaibhavi Dhond


  • Mr. Vikas S. Ligam


  • Mr. Makarand Pawar

    Design Lead

  • Ms. Tanvi Chaudhari

    Design Lead,
    Landscape Architect

  • Ms. Harita Patil

    Design Lead,

  • Ms. Ashni Vasu

    Design Lead,

  • Ms. Sakhi Ashar

    Design Lead,

  • Mr. Azim Ansari


  • Mr. Amol Naik

    Design Lead,

  • Ms. Surabhi Ahirkar

    Landscape Architect

  • Mrs. Mayura Pednekar

    Estimation Head

  • Mr. Mahesh Padekar


  • Mr. Hiten Khandagale

    Project Inspector

  • Mr. Sunil Devarde


  • Mr. Bipin More


  • Mrs. Anisha kantak


  • Ms. Saylee Soundalgekar

    Landscape Architect,
    Content Creator

  • Ms. Priyanka Wani


  • Mr. Sachin Chavan

    Tech. Drawing Head

  • Mr. Krishna Naik


  • Mr. Prashant Utekar


  • Mr. Prashant Kirve


  • Mr. Kedar Padhey

    Customer Relationship Manager

  • Mr. Girish Barve

    Customer Relationship Manager

  • Mrs. Siddhi Sawarkar


  • Ms. Vaibhavi Joglekar


  • Mr. Siddhesh Sawant

    Office Support

  • Mr. Nitin Pawar

    Office Support

  • Mr. Deepak Hulsue


  • Ms. Viraja Redkar

    Operations Manager



the interactive cell

Why? To address and unite the complete landscape architecture fraternity and allied professions.

What? Unlearn conducts workshop interactions under the following heads – unwind, skill development, creativity, knowledge building, material exploration, and team building.


the publication cell

Why? To express, publish and spread awareness about the profession of landscape architecture.

What? Ink curates and develops documentaries, publications, and social media strategies to promote the profession.


the academic cell

Why? To strike a balance between academics and professional practice.

What? Edu is associated with various institutes and experiments with various methodologies for academic outreach.


  • 20|80 - A Monograph

    Read all about our journey from 1999 to 2019


  • Glimpse – Summer 2020

    Read about our accomplished projects between the years 2018 to 2020


  • Glimpse – Winter 2018

    The winter edition highlights the projects accomplished by the company for the year 2016 to 2018


  • Glimpse – Summer 2016

    The summer edition highlights the projects accomplished by the company up to year 2016



  • IDAC

    Objective: To upgrade the profession of Landscape Architecture in the Indian scenario.

    Newarch role: Incepted and curated by Hrishikesh Phadke – Chief Cultural Officer Newarch LLP, supported by Newarch LLP – INK.
  • IDAC intelligence series

    at Bengaluru, Vadodara, and Indore – by CCO Newarch – Hrishikesh Phadke
    Objective: To pronounce the professional scope, its importance, implementation and impact, and the role of landscape architects as the principal consultants.

    Objective: To upgrade the profession of Landscape Architecture through different ways of mass communication.

    Newarch role: Newarch INK is associated with the ISOLA (Indian Society of Landscape Architects) Mumbai Chapter.
  • Media appearance

    On the occasion of women’s day, Director – Mrs. Yogini Phadke shares her views on being an entrepreneur, a homemaker, and most importantly, an individual. The story was covered by ‘Udyog Maitrin’ (उद्योग मैत्रीण) – in March 2019.
  • Root to route

    Objective: To speak of landscape architecture and its position in developing India

    Newarch role: Newarchers – Ar Hrishikesh Phadke, and team engaged in a 60-minute-long interaction with the students of L S R S O A.
  • Social media appearance

    Executive partner and landscape architect Shalaka Kelkar was interviewed for an interactive Instagram live session - the Hybec SPOTLIGHT which was an informal tête-à-tête on the Fundamentals of Outdoor Lighting ".



Work with us

To be Newarcher or to collaborate with us email your work profile, cover letter, and portfolio to: careers@newarchllp.com

Connect with us

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