Since 1991, the Newarch journey has been a great one…

We invest in people, projects and processes

and are committed to the vision of ‘Performing for 100 years’

Newarch believes in that there is no finish line, and the goal is to keep the game going as long as possible. With vision to perform for 100 years, Newarchers share a vision of evolution of skills, expertise, culture, and values beyond an individual’s lifespan.

We translate the needs of the community and the environment into sustainable design solutions

Our superpowers

We accomplished lots of
things… here are a few


Founder’s determination
Team size: 1-2

Newarch was a creation based on ambition.


Create collaborate
Team size: 3-5

It was about creating a culture which would eventually sustain, outgrow the survival mode to the creativity mode.


Build to last
Team size: 6-8

Newarch invested in people, to teach them and train them.


Grow and let grow
Team size: 8-20

Newarch invested in workspaces and culture building that brought people who co-operated greatly for team building.


We newarchers
Team size: 22-40

Newarch is and always will be built for a purpose and nor for a person.

2021 and beyond…

To grow,
To collaborate,
To own.

It’s been an amazing journey,
but the credit is not all ours.

We owe it to each one of Newarcher,
our clients, partners, and friends…