The Publication Cell

We asked if not drawings and sketches, what is the second-best form of expressing landscapes…? It is narratives. Narratives about the soil, the people, of trees… Narratives are expressed through photographs, motion pictures, curation, and INK.


The Academic Cell

Our urban landscape is changing. It is down to us to ensure the new is inspired by the by-gone and the future to come. To bridge the gap between what is taught and what is practiced to explore, evolve and EDUcate


The Interactive Cell

A walk around the street corner told us more about landscapes. The cyclist who smoothly glided along the sidewalk, the canine who paused with the man as the light turned red, the potter who sold clay cups for a penny… Sometimes as designers we get the chance to follow the footsteps of others through their skills, and formalize the informal; to UNLEARN to learn.