Landscape architecture is more important than you think… And so, we spread our wings to capture every possible parameter within our scope.

Open space

Spaces for outdoor living
We believe in our profession today, as well as for the future. Respect towards nature is a driving force that directs us to beat all the challenges and design livable open spaces. Newarch Landscapes looks at the art and practice of purposefully designing resilient, innovative, and visually pleasing outdoor spaces for the co-existence of man and nature.


First life, then spaces, then buildings – Jan Ghel
What is life without birds that chirp, bees that buzz, a butterfly that flutters! We design for those with whom we share this planet.


Creating vibrant environs
It involves building a city on a human scale. We look at spaces for play, imagination, and a feeling of ‘known’ where, even if people get lost, they can always find their way back. We look at people's behavior, circulation patterns, zoning, place-making, and then placing built forms for a healthy ecosystem.

Green approval

Coz, there is no planet B
We assist in generating a detailed report to understand the impacts of new development on the environment, helping the client make an informed decision with mutual benefits.


An analytical process
We, as landscape architects, assist in identifying areas of opportunity or setbacks that may provide constraints, and evaluate natural assets. Our analysis involves an understanding of whether a site is safe for construction and which actions should be taken for that site’s remediation and organization. We believe, if the evaluation is done right, the site’s further design then has a better chance at success.